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    Need details from Aggregate query in Tableau

    Sandeep Varma

      Hi Geeks, We have 100 millions of rows in a table and currently roll up as aggregated query (Custom SQL) by Monthly level. And using User wanted to roll up this data (attached) by daily, weekly. And user want to see the lowest level as well, when drill down, user want to see the details by Sale_ID Level, as attached in the Excel, what are the best ways?

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          That's good question and not easy answer the best way, because it really depends on the environment.

          Focusing on logical side, if users need to drill down to (i.e.) daily level, the published "data source" need to be "daily" granularity.

          You can aggregate "view" as initial screen before drill down, but without published smaller granularity data, users cannot drill down to lower level.