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    Calculated field

    Ling Jun Tan

      How to use calculated field to join workbook?

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          Rahul Sharma

          Hi Ling,


          Please provide more details, if possible share the workbook.

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            Hari Ankem

            See if this helps:


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              Prasanna R

              Hi Ling,


              When you make a join you will get the option on how you want to make the join. In that list the last entry helps to create a join by calculation. Here you can make your calculation which is just like entering a calculated field. As shown by Hari you will end up in that screen once you are done.






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                Ling Jun Tan

                Is there a way to allow the allow the calculated field to appear in the list instead of re-typing the formulae using create join calculation?

                When I create the calculated field, the formulae is dependent on a parameter.  If I were to re-type the formulae using join calculation, reference to parameter doesn't work.

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                  Prasanna R

                  Unfortunately not. You need to key in the calculation and you cannot enter parameter here because this join is done before you get into the data sheet. But you use parameter based on a dimension right. You might as use that dimension and create the join and once you are in, you can use the parameter to reference.


                  You can upload a sample workbook to assist you better.