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    Finding data in another row

    David Semmens

      I am bringing data in from Jira and need to either use the "Ref" data in the row but if that is Null I need to pick the "Ref" up from the tickets parent.


      The data looks like this (there are more columns - but below should cover what I need)

      I am using version 2018.3.1



      IDRefParent ID
      Ticket-1Type 1Null
      Ticket-2Type 2Null
      Ticket-4Type 3Ticket-2
      Ticket-6Type 4Ticket-1
      Ticket-7Type 4Ticket-2
      Ticket-8Type 1Ticket-1
      Ticket-10Type 5Null


      The correct result would look like this:


      Ticket-1Type 1
      Ticket-2Type 2
      Ticket-3Type 1
      Ticket-4Type 3
      Ticket-5Type 2
      Ticket-6Type 4
      Ticket-7Type 4
      Ticket-8Type 1
      Ticket-9Type 5
      Ticket-10Type 5

      Is this possible in Tableau?