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    Whitelisting OData URLs?

    Kris Loertscher

      I'm using an OData connection and I can connect to it fine and pull data that I need on the desktop.  I can publish the workbook and the data source to the server and the extract works fine.  When I try to refresh the extract though, I get the error message: "Could not connect to server."


      If I try to connect to the URL from the server itself in a browser, I can hit it just fine and get the json.


      I saw elsewhere that for web data connection types, you have to whitelist the URL.  Is that the case with OData connections as well?



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Kris


          If you are able to hit the Odata source from the server, then I believe this should work fine.  Are you able to run a desktop instance from this same pc and connect?  This sounds like a setup issue for the published odata connection.  Also note that the data type must be extract for odata - not a live connection - OData - Tableau


          Have you made any progress or is this an ongoing issue?  Please open a ticket with support if this continues as they can help track down the issue.