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    How can I get 3 measures (using a parameter) in the same Tooltip?

    taylor owen

      The workbook has a dashboard called "Info!" which has all the dirty details I think are needed. There is also a dashboard with an image of what I need. I also created a sheet with the best result I could come up with.


      Objective: I want the tooltip to display 2019 Actuals, 2019 Budget, and 2018 Actuals in the same tooltip even if the cursor is over the line for 2019 Actuals.



      - This dashboard needs to have a parameter so that I can swap between several different measures.

      - What I have found is that if you want to display 3 measures in the same tooltip you can't have any logic like "SUM(X)".

      - I need to avoid putting any dimensions in the filter card. It will be problematic later on.