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    Error during Data Blending

    San M

      Hello All,


      Can somebody help me with the question i have below regarding data blending?


      The issue i am facing right now is, the counts in my table changes (not accurate) the moment i click on the Active Icon Link that blends a field from 2 data sources. I am not sure what can be the reason. Is there any way, you can provide with any solution or tip?




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          Jim Dehner

          If I understand your question when you link the tables together (using the active link) then total number of marks in the viz changes - - that is the expected action -

          No the second part is that the change does not meet you expectation - Can't be specific without looking at the data but the number of marks will be dependent on the Filtered view in the viz after you connect or disconnect the link - the filters will still apply



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