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    Losing Context Filter on Tableau Server

    jon rios

      i have a "template" workbook that I am creating 5 dashboards. I upload it to Tableau server then our admin creates 10 copies and reconnects it to other datasources for our retail customers...


      we have been validating the data and have noticed some metrics were incorrect.  Upon investigation i found out a filter was being removed from context.  So in my template, I have the filter in context and my FIXED LOD the calculations are correct...  Once the workbook goes to server and it is connected to other datasources for other clients, the filter is removed from contact and the FIXED LOD calculation is off.


      has anyone dealt with this?  Is there are way to fix this issue?  If not, what can I do in my FIXED LOD calculation in order to account for a filter that is being removed from context... or is there another way to implement context filter?


      hope i made sense