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    How do I build a bar chart with panes of equal width when some columns have no data?

    John Burton



      It's probably easiest if I just show a pic of the problem I'm having.  In the histogram below, the panes that group different years by the level of profit ratio are not of equal width.  Where there are no cases for a given profit ratio level and year, the pane is too narrow, causing havoc with the headings and just not the look I want.  The example is from Superstore data.


      Count of States by Profit Level and Year - Superstore data.png

      I'd like a chart where there is a uniform space for each year and profit level, whether or not there is any data.  I've found a workaround, but it's very cumbersome.  I calculate the data in Tableau in a table, copy it to Excel, then build the chart from the Excel data source.  It takes a significant amount of time, as well as being more difficult to work with once it's built.  See the pic below for what the look I want, but without the inelegant workaround.


      Count of States by Profit Level and Year - Excel datasource.png

      Please tell me there's a way to do it directly from the original data source


      Attached are the two workbooks for the charts.