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    Trying to link a subset of data to additional information (many-many relationship)

    Sayalee P

      Hello, I am trying to solve following problem.


      I have a dataset A that shows medical event for all patients.


      I create a new subset of this data by selecting a medical event. Let's say Cardiac Arrest.

      This action is achieved by filtering a dashboard that connects to A using Medical Event as filter and a URL action opens a new dashboard that shows a new dashboard with Patients that only experience Cardiac Arrest.


      Now  I want to show medical history details of all the patients who experienced a particular medical event. using a data set that has all medical history records. But since this is a many-many relation I am not sure how I can achieve this?(a patient can experience multiple events and can have multiple records of medical history).


      Dataset A

      Medical Event

      Patient ID

      Start Date

      End Date

      Severity Grade


      Dataset B

      Patient ID

      Medical History term

      start date

      end date

      status (ongoing/NA)