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    Tableau Server Usage Data Show top 10 views for User filtered by workbook


      Hi All,


      Currently, I'm trying to create a worksheet that contains the workbooks that contain the top 10 views accessed by the User for the past month interacting with the dashboard. Currently I'm stuck because I'm only able to show what workbooks that they have accessed in the past month.                                      



      If I used 'number of records' with the raw data and without the 'name of the workbook' field (this refers to the Tableau workbook), I could figure out the top 10 views. But, I want to have a page that shows the distinct workbooks that contain either 1 or more of the top 10 total views for the User in our Tableau site for our area.


      I tried creating a field that would filter out the workbooks that don't contain one of the top 10 views. This is what I came up with, but it doesn't seem to work...



      The 'item name' refers to the Tableau Views. Like I said earlier, the raw data would aggregate to the Tableau Views level, but I think because I am showing the 'Workbook' dimension, that this aggregation isn't filtering out the workbooks that have at least 1 or more of the total views among all the workbooks in our site.


      Thanks for your help!