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    Distinguish between new users to a site and new users to the server (via API calls)

    Matt East



      I need a way through the Tableau API calls to identify users new on a site but exist on the server vs. new users on a site and new on the server, more details below.


      I am working on a solution to automate adding users to sites on our Tableau Server using API calls triggered by an external event. New users to the site will either be:

      1) New user to the site and to the server

      2) New user to the site but already set up on the server (as they are a member of another site)


      When manually adding users to a site, Tableau will distinguish between 1) and 2) as it will tell you if they are already set up on another site (screenshot below). This is important as it will determine whether we need to set them up with password or not.


      However through the APIs I don't know how to distinguish between 1) and 2). In both cases the user will be added to the site via the API and the response body doesn't indicate the difference. For 1) users i will want to use modify users API but i don't for 2) Users.


      Any help would be much appreciated!