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    Stacked bars: Filling the bars up to 100% with a new datapoint/color

    Sandy Wolf



      I am new to Tableau, so please bear with me in case I am asking a stupid question or am not clear in what I try to achieve...


      I created a stacked bar chart based on data I get from a huge corporate database. This means that I cannot modify the source data and I need to set plenty of filters to get exactly the data I need. My resulting bars do not sum up to 100%, because some of the product sales are not covered by the database and are not covered in any dataset we have. I would like to create a new datapoint called 'uncovered' that would fill up the bars to 100%. The initial weights are already in percentage and I know that all the portfolio figures need to add up to 100%, so the difference between 100% minus the sum of the other categories in each bar must be my "uncovered" stuff.


      I hope there is a simple way to do that. I tried calculated fields, but gave up on this due to the large number of dynamic filters on all my dimensions and that there are around 40 bars in my chart. Is there any easy way to tell Tableau to 'fill up' the bars (without just scaling the others).


      Thank you