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    Need Individual Row count of Running Total, Where Value is Lesser than 50.

    Aathithya Kuppusamy

      Hi friends,

               As you see below, I have fields such as 1)Test Name, 2)Rank, 3)Duration, 4)Running Total of Duration and a 5)Calculated field which shows '1' for Running Total less than '50' and '0' for Rest.

      (I am Rounding the Running total decimal value in Calculation 1).


           I Only need to Display the Count of Rows which has Value '1' in the 'Calculation 1', in a single Page.


      But if i drag only Calculation 1 on the Page, it is only showing '0' as it is taking Overall Running Total value.


      I am Unable to use LOD's as the Running Total is an aggregated measure.


      Please Help!

      (Sorry for not attaching workbook as my employer don't encourage that.)