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    Assistance with how to define a "target time stamp" for a specific period of the day

    LanceCM Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with the following calculated fields.



      • I have two daily "target start times"
      • The first is at 6:35 AM
      • The other is at 4:20 PM


      • I then have a count in minutes (After Start Time Target Measure), namely the minutes elapsed after the target time.



      • Example as follows
      • Start Target Time set for 6:35 AM
      • Time elapsed after Start Time logged as 25 (unit in minutes)
      • Therefore "Actual Start Time" is 7:00 AM



      1. All I need is a way to establish two calculated fields, each will enable me to define a fixed time stamp for a specific time of the day


      • The first calculated field needs to be titled 6:35 AM Target Start Time
      • The next calculated field needs to be titled 4:20 PM Target Start Time


      • Typically if I were to introduce the calculated field into a table, one would show up as 6:35 AM and the other as 4:20 PM


      Any assistance would be most appreciated,