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    not able to publish the workbook

    Tableau User

      Hello everyone,


      I am the site administrator and I am unable to publish workbooks. Am I missing something? Help is appreciated.



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          Mahfooj Khan



          Check users permissions in tableau web server. You should have publisher access then only you can publish the workbook.



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            Tableau User

            I have given myself publisher access and still not able to publish. Don't know what's missing.



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              Mahfooj Khan

              Few quick questions


              1. Are you able to create a new workbook with the data source being used in the workbook where you're getting that error while publishing?  (And what type of data source is it?)

              2. Can someone else publish this report?  (Or other reports?)

              3. Are there multiple data sources being used in the workbook where this is happening?

              4. Are you publishing a workbook when this happens?  Or are you publishing the data source?

              5. Are you able to publish different reports to the same server?  I'm trying to drill down to whether it's the workbook, the data source, or the user.

              6. In addition to above points, do you have proper access to content on the Tableau Server (i.e navigating directly on to the server rather than via Desktop) - this will also help determine whether the issue is permissions/access related on the server itself or desktop related.


              7. Are you in the same domain and same intranet. If "Yes" then check below

              Go to Run -- CMD -- Ping your tableau server ip or host name. If you are getting reply then its fine other wise you're unable to reach to Tableau server. In this case only your IT team can help you, I believe ip address got blocked some where in his laptop firewall, antivirus or Proxy server.

              If everthing is fine then open a new session of your Tableau Desktop and check below.

              Go to Server tab and Check- Under Server Option you will get few more option check very first option

              It should be (Sign In) if It is Signed In to (Tableau Server url) (User Name)

              Logout above and and try to sign in again.


              Let us know your observation.