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    Calculation in Tableau

      SubjectReviewerStatus Review
      MathReviewer 1Done Review
      MathReviewer 2Done Review
      MathReviewer 3Not review yet
      MathReviewer 4Not review yet
      Geography Reviewer 1Done Review
      Geography Reviewer 2Done Review
      Geography Reviewer 3Done Review
      Geography Reviewer 4Done Review
      ScienceReviewer 1Not review yet
      ScienceReviewer 2Not review yet
      ScienceReviewer 3Not review yet
      ScienceReviewer 4Not review yet
      EconomyReviewer 1Not review yet
      EconomyReviewer 2Not review yet
      EconomyReviewer 3Done Review
      EconomyReviewer 4Not review yet


      Hi tableau community,

      Above is my sample data.


      If all reviewer done reviewer for each subject, consider as complete, else in progress.


      How to find which subject is complete review, and which subject not complete review using calculation in tableau.


      From sample data, we can know subject Geography is complete review (Review status is Done Review or all reviewer)