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    Extract schedule

    vamshi reddy

      Hi Team,


      I have a workbook where i have created a extract schedule at 1:00 Am.When i am publishing the data source i am assigning the refresh to 1:00 am and when publishing also i am secifying 1:00 Am.In the server also i have assigned the job to 1:00 Am but data got updated in backend but i dont see the dashbaord with need data.Can someone please suggest what may be the issue. Thanks in advance

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Vamshi


          It is probably that your dashboard uses an embedded extract data rather than the one you published to the server. if this is the case, you need to add new data source in your dashboard by connecting to the published one, and then replace your existing data source of the dashboard with the newly added published data source. and then republish your dashboard to server. Hope this helps