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    Action drills down to only first value

    gokul anir

      hello all,

      I am using tableau 2018.3 version.

      i have created bins for a measure using windowing function and using table calculations with filter (index = 1). The bins reflect the correct values for measures.

      i am trying to create an action which takes to different worksheet and displays all the required values.


      problem: it displays only first value. i know it's doing it because of filter on index = 1. is there a way to avoid it.



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          Joe Oppelt

          Your INDEX filter (as you figured out) is killing you on that.

          In the attached I made a copy of your sheet.  (So I have version (3).)  I put [Machineserial] on Columns.  I made the table calc DISCRETE, and put it on the sheet.


          This created a VERY long sheet, and I shrunk the columns as much as possible.  I also unchecked "Show header" for Machineserial on Columns.  Yes, you have this pile of wasted space.  But look at Dashboard1.  I floated a blank object over that part of the sheet that we don't want to see.  To the user, it's almost identical to your original sheet.  But as far as the sheet is concerned, all those Machienserial values are still in there.  I put sheet (2) on a separate dashboard just for effect.  Now when you click on 89, for example, all those Machienserial values that are stacked up behind it get passed to sheet (2).


          See attached.