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    Calculating difference between previous value and current

    Ian Phipps

      In order to get reliable analytics data for my game's Premium Currency (PC) economy, I need to be able to filter out cheaters. They get PC in ways that do not trigger analytics events, so I need to detect unusually large deltas in their total PC amount. Every analytics event sends the player's current PC. I need to create a column that subtracts previous PC amount from current PC amount for a given player. I can use PREVIOUS_VALUE, but then I could be getting anything, not necessarily from the same player and the previous timestamp. The FIXED formula does not allow me to use PREVIOUS_VALUE. I cannot use a table calculation, because I need to be able to use this information to mark certain players as cheaters and filter out every event they send for every visualization I create. I've attached some sample data with Time, Player, and Total PC.


      I just need to be able to tell how much PC was added or subtracted since the last event was sent for a given player.