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    Too many data joins majorly slowing down workbook - is there an alternative method?

    Kamin Au



      I recently asked this question which was solved promptly by a nice Tableau community member. Many thanks for this!

      Blend dates between different tabs to calculate ratios? Please help!


      The workbook is all built out using this suggested method. However, it is incredibly slow and takes up to 10 minutes for a tab to load. (Basically, the joins by date means that we create over a million records and then do a count distinct to get true publication volumes - and in total we have around 15 tabs of data like this).


      Can anyone suggest an alternative method that I can explore?


      In a nutshell, we want to use total headcount by month (from one tab of data), and use publication volumes by month (from another tab tab of data), to create a chart like the below showing average publications per headcount by month (with options to breakdown by quarter or year).


      Thank you!