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    How to Find First Occurrence of String


      I am trying to isolate the first occurrence of product use for a specific product, and then find the date difference between that first occurrence and when the account was created.






      [Account_Created_Date] =7/1/2018 5:30:20 AM


      The problem I have right now is that the raw data can look somewhat like this:


      [Product_Name]='A' | [Product_Use_Date]=7/1/2018 12:48:45 PM

      [Product_Name]='B' | | [Product_Use_Date]=7/12/2018 1:11:22 AM

      [Product_Name]='C' | | [Product_Use_Date]=7/10/2018 4:11:22 PM

      [Product_Name]='B' | | [Product_Use_Date]=7/03/2018 6:31:22 PM


      Essentially, I still want all uses of Product B but I want to be able to calculate DATEDIFF(Account_Created_Date, MIN_Product_Use_Date) but ensure that the MIN_Product_Use_Date is always pulling Product B.