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    Exclude/Keep Only options missing from Tooltip

    Penny Longman

      Hey all, my first post, excuse me if I get the etiquette wrong!

      Tableau Desktop 2018.3

      I'm using a simple Excel data source, but in the workbook I just created, I do not see the Keep Only/Exclude options on the tooltips for individual records. All I could find in the forums were older posts that it may have to do with Data Blending but I am not doing that.

      Oddly enough, I had created a workbook with the same Excel file data source before updating the Excel file today (added more records) and in that WB, which still points to the same data source, allows me to see Keep Only and Exclude. I created a new workbook with the same data source just to remind myself how to create the vizzes I had created 3 weeks ago (I did say I was a newbie!) and suddenly I can't see those in the tooltips!

      I've uploaded the workbook I created before where I see the options in the tooltip, and the "Exclude" one where I don't.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated!