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    SalesForce Connection: EVENT and TASK (Activity) Table Recreation

    Connor PERKETT

      Has there been any workaround discovered to combine/Union the EVENT and TASK Salesforce connection table in to a singular table? This table is known as ACTIVITY in SF, but is not an actual table


      Background: (Using Tableau Desktop)

      I am focusing on the OPPORTUNITIES table, or prospective customers and the actions taken to reach out to them.


      EVENT: tracks logged meetings, phone calls, and events that are logged on a user's Calendar

      TASK: Automatic or manual tracked email communication, logged calls, voicemails, etc that someone completes.


      GOAL: see all meeting and communication efforts for a particular Sales Rep.


      I've found multiple old threads (See Additional Information) that indicate that this combination is not possible to do, but wanted to see if anyone's been able to get around this.



      1. Custom UNION clause between EVENT and TASK tables that uses a subset of similar fields
        1. As far as I know, Salesforce is not listed in Union capabilities
      2. Availability of Activity table- I don't see this as an option
      3. Using Opportunities as the main table, separately join EVENT and TASK (based on Opportunity ID) and attempt to create a combined view
        1. Difficult- Opportunities table contains measures and EVENT/TASK causes duplication (1--> many)
        2. Combined view may not roll up as expected- mainly care about Sales Rep
      4. Blend- may be difficult since view will need to be on Tableau Online


      Hopefully someone has dealt with this workaround- I appreciate any insight!


      General summary view of result


      Sales RepOpportunity (Customer)Total ActivityYear-Month
      # Meetings
      # Calls
      # Emails