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    Tableau Desktop does not recognize decimal separator when entering a number to parameter

    Dominik Lehmann



      I've got a problem when entering a decimal number into a parameter - either in the edit menu of a parameter or in the parameter control object.


      When I enter e.g. 1.5 (parameter data type float) in the field "current value", Tableau just ignores the entered value and jumps back to the last whole number value of the field (see screenshot 1 and 2).


      When I enter e.g. 1,5 (parameter data type float) the value gets transformed into 15 (see screenshot 3 and 4).


      Since both separators do not work, I don't think it's a localization issue. Also it does not matter in which field I enter a decimal value (current value, maximum etc) - the decimal number is not recognized in all of them.


      Does anybody have an idea what the problem is? I tried it on the installation of my colleague and it works just fine.


      Thanks in advance!