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    Dual Axis Map - Sheet In Tooltip Issues

    Greg Reinecke

      Hello All. I have likely a self inflicted dual axis issue. I have included my test workbook on this thread.

      I have been able to create two worksheet maps and two corresponding worksheet tables. I have also successfully put the tables in their corresponding map tooltips. See below.


      This map lists all the clubs the member belongs. (Good)



      This map lists all the members that belong to the club. (Good)


      Here is where I suspect things start going wrong. I thought I could just pull Club Latitude to the row shelf but that turns the maps into charts plotting lat and long. So I simply Ctrl and drag a copy AVG(Member Latitude) to create the second map. Notice I'm using a sheet in the tooltip which is awesome. So far things still seem pretty good.




      Upon closer inspection now the red club dots seem to ignore the fact that I have a sheet in the tooltip




      and the sheet in the tooltip for the member dots is putting null in the Club Name column.




      I feel I'm close I just can quite sort out the sheet in tooltip unexpected results. Again I have attached the packaged workbook. Thanks in advance.