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    Assistance with Maps

    Jason Alexandre

      I apologize in advance if there is an elementary solution to this.  I've scanned the forums and FAQs and played with some joins and blends but haven't been successful.  I've created a couple maps based on two sets of data I've compiled (please see attached packaged workbook).  What I'm trying to accomplish is to overlay the "Circuit Breaker" funds map with the points populated in the '776 Schools, Educational Collaborative & Charters' map.  Is this possible?  I manually typed in the latitude and longitude coordinates for both data sets.


      Any help or guidance would be appreciated. 


      Thank you!

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Jason

          Sorry - cant dual axis maps when one is generated long and lat the other is input directly


          see the piece that Sarah Battersby wrote to explain (She and Kent Marten are the real map experts)



          Dual Axis Mapping - Many Ways


          If you cant use zips or something that is generated on your other map you could use Qgis to connect the points using a merge within a set radius -




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            Jason Alexandre

            Hi Jim, thanks for the response.  I started with Sarah's piece - very comprehensive but much of it's above my current understanding.  Just to clarify, the lat. and long. in both data sets were input directly, which was why I thought there might be a dual axis map solution.  I'm not familiar with Qgis - I will explore it further but I'm afraid I might not have the time to do so before I need to wrap up the project.  I may just need to place the maps side by side.




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              Jim Dehner

              I didn't see that each of the maps had Long and lat had generated - did the values match?


              also you are on on older version of Tableau - new versions have a feature the Sarah talks about - intersection - that can be used to join the data - any chance of that?



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                Jason Alexandre

                Hi Jim,


                I'm running  Desktop version 10.3.16.  Not sure by what you mean by the values matching.  I grabbed the map coordinates through batch geocoding.  The coordinates in one set represent school districts while the other set includes coordinates for specific school locations so while the data type matches, the data points themselves do not.


                I'm not familiar with intersection.  I've only worked with simple joins and unions.