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    Date dimension format reverting to 'Automatic' after refreshing extract

    Sara Stark

      I have a workbook where I'm pulling a date field into the title. Since I only want it to display the month and year, I have set the default properties of this dimension year to do this. When I refresh the extract that the workbook is using, it changes the default properties back to 'Automatic' causing the date to display as MM/DD/YYYY.


      Select format:

      Displays as:


      Refresh my extract and date display changes to:

      Because the default date format for the field reverted to Automatic:


      Any ideas on how to fix this?


      As a work-around, I did create another dimension calculated to display exactly what I want:  DATENAME('month',[Selected Evaluation Date])+' '+DATENAME('year',[Selected Evaluation Date])

      But I would have expected my original formatting to do the trick...