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    Parameter Question

    Lisa Geller

      Hello All,


      I have a couple of questions about parameters that I am hoping that someone can answer.


      I have 2 worksheets that were created from 2 different data sources that I would like to place on 1 dashboard.  Each worksheet has 3 sets of parameter controls:  "Provider", "Start date", "End Date".  The data sources are set up slightly differently, so the   "provider", "start date", and "end date" parameters are not identical between the 2 worksheets (they have different names, were calculated differently, etc.).  I would like to put both worksheets on to one dashboard but I would like my users to see only 1 set of controls that would control both worksheets at once.  I cannot seem to figure out how to do this. 


      I used the instructions from this post:  https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/filter-multiple-data-sources-using-parameter  but when I put the calculated field for my new parameter on filters I only get null values. 


      Is it possible to set up my dashboard with one set of controls or do I need to make 2 separate worksheets?  Maybe there is a workaround that I am not finding in the forums?




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          Andrew Bickert

          Hi Lisa,


          Parameters are workbook specific so they are able to cross Data Sources with the calculated fields. If you do not have a relationship established between your data sources then you will need to build out your views on two separate worksheets and then combine them onto a dashboard with the parameters. You mentioned that you are putting the calculated field in the filter section. If you are doing this, the filter will only be applied to the worksheet that shares a data source. If this is the case, then you would be better to build the parameters into the calculation instead of building them into a filter. For example: If you have a parameter that choose a facility and then two data sources that have a field [FAC1] and [FAC2] respectively (not identical for example purposes), if you build a calculation that states [Facility]=[FAC1] it would only be true for Data Source 1 and null for DataSource 2. If you want to filter off of the parameter it would be better to do something like this:

          Data Source 1:

          If [FAC]=[Facility] then sum([Number of Records]) end


          Data Source 2:

          If [FAC2]=[Facility] then sum(Number of Records]) end


          This way the Parameter [Facility] is independently both Data Sources. If you have a workbook to attach we could troubleshoot more specifically to your situation.


          Kind Regards,