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    Issue using minified tableau scripts

    Cosmin Candin

      Hi Guys,


      We are using embedded Tableau views in our portal. Also we are loading dynamically the tableau js from server (tableau-2.2.2.min.js).

      WE noticed a strange behavior, when a view is loaded for the first time, all contained controls can be interacted with, all text-boxes, drop-downs are OK.

      On successive reloads (all reloads except first one) we noticed that some of the controls are not usable anymore. For example the drop-downs no longer seem to be populated do not open.


      The above happens only when using the minified version of tableau (tableau-2.2.2.min.js), if we use the  non-minified one (tableau-2.2.2.js) everything seems to be working fine

      (the issue is no longer reproducible).


      Has anyone encounter someting similar? IF so what was the solution to solve the problem.



      Tableau server version : 2018.3.0 (20183.18.1019.1426)

      Rest API version: 3.2



      Thank you.