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    Sales Funnel

    Dev Dharani

      Hello everyone,

      I had made sales funnel but it is not what my sir expects,

      funnel shape "Lead > Qualify > Meeting > Proposal > Won"


      considering below as my pseudo data for funnel..

      sales enquiry no.Enquiry stage




      i made funnel           40% Lead > 30% Qualify > 20% Proposal > 10% Won

      indeed i want           100% Lead > 30% Qualify > 66% Proposal > 50% Won


      I'm newbie to tableau but I Hope I'm clear to make understand?


      Any help is appreciable, Thank you!


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          Ken Flerlage

          A funnel should show increasingly smaller portions as you go down. Everything starts with a lead, thus you start with 100%. I assume that Qualify is the next step. I'd expect, therefore, that this would be the next largest segment of the funnel and that anything that made it past Qualify would also be included there (Proposal and Won). Then anything that made it to Won would also be included in Proposal, etc. Thus, from your data, I'd expect the funnel to be


          100% Lead > 60% Qualify > 30% Proposal > 10% Won


          So, I guess I don't understand the logic of the intended outcome. Again, funnels should get smaller and smaller as you move through phases. It doesn't make sense to me that Proposal could be a larger percentage than Qualify.

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            Dev Dharani

            oh Yes, So how shall i proceed?

            how can i build the funnel with the logic you intended.


            Thanks in advance!

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              Ken Flerlage

              If you haven't already, I'd suggest that you read the following which describes a couple of different approaches to building a funnel in Tableau: Three different ways to build funnels in Tableau—and why | Tableau Software


              Give these a try then let, if you get stuck, let us know and provide us with a packaged workbook so we can help out.