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    Date Calc Query

    Darren Gage



      Being new to Tableau I've received previous help from this forum and have been able to create a calculated field that applies different date calcs to a row of data based on the type of record it is (working function shown below):


      IF ATTR([Source1].[Type])="X"


                (DATEADD('year', ATTR([Source1].[Months]/12), ATTR([Source2].[Go_Date])))


                (DATEADD('day', ATTR([Source1].[Months]/12*365), ATTR([Source2].[Go_Date])))



      What I need to do now to complete the function is set the date of the first calculation to the year end for the date that has been calculated.  I thought I could just extract the year and then build the new date with a defined day and month as shown below but this results in an error.


      As above code, replacing the first calculation:



           MAKEDATE(YEAR((DATEADD('year', ATTR([Source1].[Months]/12), ATTR([Source2].[Go_Date])))),12,31)




      Error from above: The 'MAKEDATE' function cannot be applied to table calculations and fields from multiple data sources



      Can anyone suggest the correct syntax or an alternative approach?


      Many Thanks

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          Deepak Rai

          Can you attach workbook and what you trying to do in 2-3 lines?

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            Darren Gage

            Sorry, I'm not able to attach anything I'm afraid - apologies if my description is not clear enough.  To try to make it clearer I'm trying to:


            Take a date, add a number of months to it based on an indicator from the same data set, that is used to look up the appropriate number of months from a second data set.  Once this is done I need to update the newly calculated date to the last day of the year that is reached once the months are added. Simple??!!


            Hope this helps you to help me.....