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    LOD: Keep Values Despite Filter and Filter Map Using Non-Geo Dimension

    Adam Yansick

      Two questions here. Dummy workbook is attached from Tableau 2018.2.


      I want to accomplish two things in the attached workbook.


      1) I want to make a dashboard that uses a country map as a filter. However, there is information that is attached to the Profile dimension that is required to attain the correct information. So, what I want to do is to connect the Country to the Profile in such a way that when the country is selected from the map, I'm actually selecting the information that is attached to the Profile. Another way to think about this would be to have the Profile information act as a geography data type. I could accomplish this without using the map at all - just make a radial button filter from the profile - but the map is a much better visual tool and I'd like to use that if possible. I was thinking something like:


           CASE Country

                WHEN "Aus"

                     THEN Profile = "Client - AUS"



      But that will only return a boolean. I don't need any specific value to be identified in a calculation either, so CASE is probably the wrong choice. Any thoughts here would be great.


      2) This is harder to explain and I will probably mess up explaining it, so hang in there with me. In my actual data, I have a calculated field that produces for me the value of "sessions" when the Network is NULL. I have this in the workbook as NULL Sessions. I also have a field that produces the not null values. This is in the workbook as NOT NULL Sessions. These are required for de-duplication purposes. The calculations are not the same, but I think these serve the same purpose. I need to be able to filter the network on a dashboard to either A or B and still maintain the NULL value. I need to be able to return these in a bar chart. This is probably better represented by visuals. I have this:



      I want to be able to drag in Network to filter, filter down to either Network A or B, have the NOT NULL Sessions filter appropriately, but keep the NULL sessions in the visualization to compare against. Right now, when you drag in the Network filter and select A or B, you filter out the NULL values, so it returns this:



      I understand why this is happening and I'm pretty sure what I need to do is create a LOD calculation. I tried EXCLUDE Network: SUM(NULL SESSIONS), but that isn't returning what I'm looking for. I think part of the problem with that is that NULL is itself a network. It's not a separate dimension, so the EXCLUDE won't work. Same with FIXED. I'm not sure if what I need to do is create a group or set for Null Network and then apply the same LOD?


      Any thoughts on these problems would be excellent! Thanks!