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    Can I show/hide a sheet on a dashboard with multiple actions?

    Nikita Naresh

      I have a dashboard with sheets coming from multiple data sources.


      To give you an example, I have a bar chart showing sales by product (from data source A) and another chart showing forecast by region (from data source B).

      I've managed to show/hide a detailed table by creating an action on my sales bar chart. When I click on any product in this chart, the table appears filtered to the selected product and when I clear my selection, the table disappears.


      This works fine by itself, but I am unable to add this same functionality to my second chart. It's almost like the filters cancel each other out since my detail table never appears if I have 2 filters acting on it.


      Is this not possible on Tableau? Can I not have a single sheet show/hide based on multiple selection filters?