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    YoY Change

    Puja Doona

      I'm sure this is a pretty simple calculation but I've been going nuts over this for last 3 days.


      I have % as in col E and F as below:



      And I want to calculate the difference like col H and I:



      Any tips on how to fix this? Workbook attached.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hope this helps.








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            Puja Doona

            Thanks this works. This was the last option I had created before posting but I figured that I got the numerator value wrong, basically should have put everything in brackets

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              Kelly Kirkpatrick

              Hi there -


              Hoping you can  help me out w/ a similar situation.  I'm trying to show Year over Year variances, but also w/ the option of looking at it Day over Day or Date to Date.  I have a parameter set up for the selection of using Day over Day or Date to Date.  I also have another parameter set up to select your start year of what you want to compare.  This seems to be working, except for when a user picks more than 12 months or in this case; my May 2018 data will change if I select May 1 2018 - yesterday if I use the start year has May 1, 2018, if I use April 30, 2018 the data is correct.


              Any insights or a better way to tackle YoY w/ the option of Day over Day and Date to Date?  I've attached the workbook.