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    Tableau Server Gateway issues after MS security update

    Jarryd Chapman



      I tried looking around if anyone else has this issue but cant find anything online about it.


      Over this past weekend our server team applied the January Microsoft security updates on our Tableau servers (KB4480975,KB4480972,KB4480965,KB4480058,KB4480075), this has caused issues on Tableau where the Gateway does not start and gives the following error:

      Tableau Server Gateway requires port 80, in use by process 4.


      Has anyone else encountered this issue and is there a patch available to fix this or do we need to roll back?

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          Jarryd Chapman

          Hi all,


          So I managed to resolve the issue by running the following in command prompt and then restarting Tableau:

          net stop http


          Not sure why this is all of a sudden giving us issues after the patches were installed but hope this helps anyone else having this issue.

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            Hi Jaaryd,


            We had the same issue today after a restart of Tableau Server 10.5.3 on two servers in a 4 server distributed installation which left 2 of 3 gateways down -- one of which was on our primary.  The applied patches were KB4480964, KB4480965, KB4480963, KB4481484, KB890830, KB4481485, KB4471322, and KB4471983.  We tried your solution and that did not work so the server team removed the patches.  That did not solve the problem either.  They ended up changing the port that Tableau uses from 80 to 8080.  We are back up and running. 


            Did you open an support case for this?

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              Jarryd Chapman

              Hi Wayne,


              Sounds like the exact same issue we had, we also rolled back the updates but it did not resolve the issue.


              What you can do is run net stop http multiple times and then try restart tableau. Another option is when running the command you can see which services it will stop, you can then go to the services page and manually disable those services.


              I did open a support case but all they said was I will need to find the program that is using port 80.When I checked it showed up that "System" was using port 80...



              It seems our colleagues in Chile (we are based in South Africa) are also having the same issue on their Tableau servers after the Microsoft updates were installed. I gave them my temporary solution (net stop http) and it worked for them. Our server team has opened a case with Microsoft, will update if we get any news.



              It was not the MS patches that caused the issue, it seems someone on the server team configured and enabled BranchCache service to start automatically through SCCM client which caused the issue. Only reason we thought it was the patches was because of the server restart which applied this setting...