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    Joining Spatial files to Excel files

    Alan  Nicholson

      Hi All,


      I have trouble joining a Spatial file to Excel data. I am following Tableau Resources videos on this, so I will explain through the video...


      For Video 5 on Tableau Public's resources (but I'm using YouTube's version because the picture is better Connecting to Spatial Files in Tableau Public - YouTube), at 4:25, the lady adds the spatial file https://public.tableau.com/s/sites/default/files/media/co2_emissions_by_london_borough.zip to the data pane (which I have done successfully), but then adds the excel data https://mkt.tableau.com/Public/Datasets/carbon-emissions-borough.xlsx  and automatically, a join is created.


      When I am following these steps,  the join is not automatically happening but moreover - I cannot drag the excel file to join the spatial file or seem to find any other way of joining them. So instead I have a lonely-looking spatial file in the data pane!


      I have attached a word file showing two screenshots: i. of the video and ii. of my experience in Tableau.


      If anyone can help, or more to the point - show me something that renders me a complete wally then it'll be much appreciated!


      Many Thanks!



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          Michael Gillespie

          Which sheet are you trying to join?


          It's much harder to help you without the actual data so if there's any way you can attach the actual data to this post it would be better.

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            Diego Parker

            Hey Alan,


            I downloaded both files and it worked well. Did you make sure to drag the worksheet (marked in blue) instead of trying to drag the workbook (in red)?




            Hope this helps (if does, please make sure to mark it as right answer so other users can find it),




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              Mahfooj Khan



              You're quite close, you just needs to drag your worksheet to join with spatial file like this. Don't forget to set the joining condition.

              Hope this will help.



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                Alan  Nicholson

                Hi all,


                Thanks for the replies so far.


                By looking at your replies, the problem isn't the dragging of sheets into the data pane. I understand that under the Sheets there is *Metadata, *SUBSET and *TOTAL. All of these join no problem.



                The main problem is that the Carbon-emmisions-borough excel sheet (as seen below) does not turn up under the 'sheets' heading.


                Whereas, in the video, the carbon-emmissions-borough excel worksheet turns up under 'sheets' no problem. See below:


                The excel worksheet: https://mkt.tableau.com/Public/Datasets/carbon-emissions-borough.xlsx

                The video:




                So, under sheets I have *Metadata, *SUBSET and *TOTAL. But I have no 'carbon-emissions-borough', as you can see by the video screenshot above. I have compared 'SUBSET' and 'TOTAL' with the 'carbon-emissions-borough' sheet and the data is not the same. For the sake of doing things correctly, I would like to follow what the video is doing, with the same data.


                So I guess my revised question is: Why isn't the 'carbon-emissions-borough' worksheet under the Sheets heading in my workbook? Could it be connection/joining settings that I have not configured?


                Again, many thanks for responses so far.