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    I can't see full line graph of my data

    Suleman Suleman

      Dear Tableau users and experts,


      I am Suleman PhD Student of veterinary sciences in China. I am using tableau 2018 v3.2

      My data contains 641 cells (in excels), I import the data into Tableau to get the line graph, but the line graph in standard view is too long and when clicking the entire view then the graph is not starting from the first value of my data nor ending with the last value of my data. I am trying from three days but not find a satisfactory answer, Please someone help me my time is wasting and I am too much confused. for the reference, I am attaching my data (excel) and the screenshots of my worksheet. My data is not secret and maybe no one can understand that it's about what. so, if someone can draw the line graph for me with the guidelines on how to draw it, I will be really thankful to you.


      I have attached the data file in excel, two screenshots of my worksheet, and an example of the graph taken from a published paper (i also want to get like that one)

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