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    Create a Year to date comparison filter

    Brett Currah

      I'm fairly new to Tableau but I'm very excited by all its functionalities!


      I set up a Yearly registrations and revenue view and I would like to create a filter/parameter that would allow me to see YTD revenues/registrations for each year at the same time. So we can visually compare current year against the previous ones.

      I have two date parameters.

      - Transaction date (with "m/dd/yyyy" format)

      - Transaction date (with "m/dd" format)


      1) I created a filter using Transaction Day where I can manually select the date range to compare each year. But is there any way to create a filter that would allow me to compare each year from Jan 01 to date?


      2) Also when using my current Transaction Day filter, I have the year 1900 displaying which is not accurate and has to be removed. Any suggestions on showing a filter with 'm/dd' format without any year displaying?