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    How to represent "ALL" in a calculation.

    Stephen Groff

      I am having a **** of a time trying to figure out how to get my targets to align with my charts.


      I have 5 different products.


      Each product has it's own target goal for each month.


      The goals show up well based on the product family chosen.


      However, when I choose "ALL" under my product filter... the targets don't reflect as they should

      Spelling it out... If Product Family = ALL then give me the Facility Target, if it gives me something other than ALL, then give me the TARGET


      (The targets are in 2 different tables. One table is the facility goals join on date, not joined to a product family, the other table is the product family goals, and those are joined on product family and date)


      Looking at the RAW data, the target it is showing is from the PDI_TARGET measure... it doesn't bring over the FAC_PDI_TARGET.


      Any idea what I need to do to get this to work properly?  Many thanks!