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    Satish G

      Hi Team,


      how to display first sunday of the month of hiredate?

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Satish


          It should be something similar like below calculation:

          {Fixed datetrunc('month',[hiredate]:min(if datename('weekday',[hiredate]) = 'Sunday' then [hiredate] end))}

          If it doesn't work, pleaese provide sample workbook.


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            Cristian Saavedra

            Hi Satish,


            I attach an example of how to get it.


            I created a first sunday date as MAKEDATE(year([Hire Date]),MONTH([Hire Date]),IIF([SundayDate]==8,1,[SundayDate]))


            And SundayDate is 8-DATEPART("weekday",[Hire Date])+1


            Happy Viz!

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              Cristian Saavedra



              Interesting solution but the problem, It is that if the Hire Date is not exactly in a Sunday will return null:


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                Zhouyi Zhang

                Hi, Cristian


                Yes, I understand. As mentioned, the solution might be various depending on what's data looks like, I just gave a possible solution.



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                  Cristian Saavedra

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                    Satish G

                    Hi Team,


                    my requirement is if hiredate is 20-01-2019 it should display first sunday of the same month means 06-01-2019




                    Employee IDEmployee NameSalaryOrganizationHire Date
                    ABM1506Satish G58548ABM Knowledgeware Ltd28-08-2014
                    WT84Soujanya V44100Wipro Technologies10-04-2013
                    PFT585Soujanya V38300Polaris Financial Technologies16-09-2011
                    IG5286Sailaja V23450Igate11-12-2013
                    A417Sailaja V28756Accenture21-05-2015
                    C526Muralidhar Reddy P70000Capita09-04-2012
                    A69Dhana Kumar M45780Accenture17-03-2015
                    NIIT453Mahaboob Basha M84000NIIT15-05-2015
                    ABM2144Anup Kumar Gopi30000ABM Knowledgeware Ltd01-07-2015
                    ABM702Nilesh Ramesh A33475ABM Knowledgeware Ltd15-01-2013
                    ABM1413Appayya Chowdary M61353ABM Knowledgeware Ltd27-02-2014
                    O158Uma Maheswara Rao P120000Oracle India Pvt Ltd02-01-2012
                    I199Sateesh P18521Infosys10-03-2015
                    ABM1325Madhu Babu G45610ABM Knowledgeware Ltd12-09-2013
                    SBI52Satya Surya Narayana G22451State Bank of India26-12-2013
                    BOB58Sujan Kumar C59561Bank of Baroda01-10-2014
                    VL153Devandra Kumar K45987Value Labs02-06-2015


                    sample data

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                      Zhouyi Zhang

                      Hi, Satish


                      Please find my solution attached.

                      Below is the screenshot for your reference.


                      Hope this helps


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                        Cristian Saavedra

                        Sure, with the previous my post you can answer it.