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    drill down and up issue - totals are wrong

    Patrick Weber

      Hi Tableau geeks, I have an issue when I drill up my calculations. At the lowest level "C Nr" the total sum is correct.

      The hierarchy is:

      Mitarbeiter->Renr->Bestellgruppe->C Nr




      But when I collapse it to the higher level "Bestellgruppe" suddenly the totals are getting wrong even for each row.





      These are my formulars.


      field Berechnung4:



      if sum([I Id Best])=206 // condition if Bestellgruppe is "supplies"

      then sum([stored_value])   //stored value is a database field

      else  (new calculation)





      new calculation:

      (sum([sales]) - sum([purchase]) + sum([customer_shipping]) - sum([company_shipping]))*0,085  //all fields are in the database.


      I can't give you a work book because I'm not able to recontruct the different joins of the company live system.

      Is this possible that it happens because of a lot joins or is this a hierarchy issue?


      Thanks for any information.