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    How to make custom charts/graphs

    John Lee



      I am currently working with year over year population, unemployment data and have created a line chart seen below:


      1) I want to be able to create a custom chart/graph that displays these information in a more visually appealing/creative way i supposed. I tried digging through tableau gallery for inspiration and found myself digging through thousands of examples while not finding anything that I want. I know it might be too much to ask, but can anyone please show me some of the ways to creatively show yearly population/unemployment data and other line charts in other various ways? Thank you so much

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          Diego Parker

          Hey John,


          First, I would advise you to check Andy Kriebel Visual Vocabulary . Also, I think you should consider that a fancy chart sometimes makes the message harder to understand for the audience. I believe if your data can be displayed in a line chart, maybe instead of looking for another type of chart you could focus on making that line chart engaging and effective. You could check Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic from Story Telling With Data, she uses simple charts but makes them super engaging. There is a lot of inspiration in her site that comes from SWDChallenge, you can check it here. Finally, I would advise you to interact with the Tableau community in Twitter, that is a constant source of inspiration with a lot of great authors and magnificent examples of visualisation.


          Hope this helps you.