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    Dynamic Change of Table in Dashboard

    Marc Levy

      I have a table within a dashboard that shows Customer Type and Customer Sub-Type. 


      The Customer Type categories are Businesses, Farms, Research Centers & Schools.  The next column over are the Customer Sub-Types. 

      It is a nested sort so that the top two customer sub-types are shown for each Customer Type.  Below are illustrative examples.


      I want to be able to select a customer type (e.g. "Research Centers") and have this table view change within this same dashboard to show just the customer sub-types for only that customer type, but show an expanded list of all the sub-types for this customer ("Research Centers").  In other words, you're not showing a second table, the table is just changing.  Not sure if this matters, but I'll note that  the customer types are used as filters for other visualizations in the dashboard.  As separate question, how would a user go back to the initial table view, by hitting the escape key?


      I've seen this done in Tableau - would this be an action filter?  Appreciate if you could point me to a blog post / video on how to do this.  If you could provide a workbook example and explanation, even better.  Thanks.


         Initial View of the Table


      After selecting "Research Centers", the table changes within the dashboard to an expanded list of all sub-types for Research Centers.