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    Combine two data sets on one report

    Jeff Stanley

      I have two sets of data - Settle and Fail. The settle report displays all the bonds that settle with the customer within the next 120 days using a date filter.  The fail report shows those bonds that were supposed to have settled prior to today but for some reason the have not. I want to show a total for both. My issue is that since I am filtering on the settle date to get the accounts, any fails for customers that do not also have a position to settle do not show up. As you can see below account 3 has a fail of 100, settle of 200 for total exposure of 300.


      On the fail report though, account 1,2 & 10 also have open fails but are not being displayed on the settle report since they do not have any open settles - any fails would have had a settle date prior to today (essentially the definition of a fail) and are filtered out.



      How do I create a report that includes, in the same customer list, all the positions that settle in the future, and all the accounts with open fails?