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    Tableau JS API Server Error when getParametersAsync() api call is invoked.

    Vijrumbhan M

      HI All,



      I am embedding a tableau view into by html page using tableau's JavaScript API. I have been trying to read the parameters associated to my workbook using getParametersAsync() api method. Earlier this API worked without any issues but recently i have been facing problems while reading parameters, once getParamtersAsync() call is invoked the visualization becomes remains in busy state for quite a lot of time and fails with following error in browser


      Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE      http://tableauServer/vizql/w/Superstore/v/Overview/sessions/CAF431F9C49C45A1836DFD281ECA1B2D-1:0/commands/tabdoc/get-parameter-models

      and the UI Displays a message box "Browser Response Error  An error occurred processing the server response. " attaching the screenshot of the embeded View.


      the code used to get parameters is

      viz.getWorkbook().getParametersAsync().then( function (params) { } );

      the promise never gets executed.


      Note: Tableau version used (10.3,10.5)