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    Grouping vs Calculating Performance

    Emily Alden

      Hello all,


      I need to catagorize some data using several fields and am not sure what is the most efficient way to go about it.


      There are about 7-10 million lines in the data and a large number of calculations will be done on the 'grouped' data so it is important that I select the best method.


      Basic calculations are "IF [Code] = ####    AND [Field 1] = A  OR B OR C AND [Field 2] = Q or S or # or $ or 12 other things THEN "Category 1"


      There are about 30 codes around 20 options for Field 1 and about 50 options for Field 2.


      I am using Tableau Prep to feed the data in so I could also push the calculation back to Tableau Prep if that would be better time/processing wise.



      Any and all help is greatly appreciated. No matter what way I choose to do this it will be very time consuming to set up and I'd rather start on the correct path then have to redo everything later.


      NOTE: I did see other conversations about this, but they were all from 2013/2015/2017 and I was not sure whether there had been additional optimizations that would affect the answer in the last two years.