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    Getting a continual density distribution in a dual axis when a filter is applied

    Dan Ribeiro

      Hello community,


      I was wondering if you can answer what is probably an easy question which has stumbled me. Basically I have created a density distribution of Premier League player's xG Shots on goal. I created my own bins rather than using the automatic Tableau method but that's not the issue. I can graph this no problem for all players and see the results as per fig 1. My problem is that my end game is to then display this against any player's individual shot distribution on the same graph using a dual axis for comparative purposes. I created an L.O.D. calculation to display the avg regardless of any player filters applied, but my output only displays the avg. distribution where there is a corresponding value in the players 'bins', see fig 2. Note how the first point is now missing simply because the player had no shots in that particular range.


      I'm probably missing something simple here,


      My LOD calculation,in case it's necessary is: Avg Player Distribution =

      sum({fixed [xG Bin 2]: count([xG Bin 2])})/

      sum({fixed: COUNTD([Player])})


      Many thanks.