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    How to pass multiple filters to a report and send it through tabcmd to the respective recipients


      Hi all,


      I have a report with region filter(Example 1,2,3....9). I want tabcmd to filter and download the report as pdf in loop and send the reports to respective email ids. I have gone through many forums and videos and all I see is below couple of approaches.


      1)tabcmd export "Reportname/Dashboardname.pdf?region=abc" --pdf -f "C:\Path\Temp\final.pdf"   I know how to pass two or three filters but how do we pass n number of filter?


      2)The second approach I found to pass multiple filters is [Tableau Server] Automatically filter your dashboard and export them as PDF - YouTube  Basically the video says to save the parameters in a csv file and write a for loop.

      Something like this -     for /F “tokens=*” %%a in (filter.csv) do call :processline %%a. But i’m recieving an error that says syntax error near unexpected token ‘“tokens=*”’


      I have my tabcmd in linux.Any experts who achieved this successfully, please let me know how to do this


      Thanks in advance!


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