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    Animated line chart?


      Hi all is it possible to create an animation where I can show a 2 line graphs grow and then end up showing the complete chart?


      I tried it already using pages but it only shows the movement of 2 points across a blank screen and then just finishes with the 2 points in their final position, no other detail on the screen.


      The video example shows exactly how I'd like it to look:


      Tableau Interactive chart-- Moving Chart - YouTube

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          Claire Smith

          Hi Naresh,


          Working through this questions was a great learning opportunity for me!  A workbook is attached for an example on how to do this.  You were on the right track adding it to pages, the key is to change your mark type from line to Circle. I also found that I could drag an instance of order date(year) and another instance of order date(month) to get a longer timeline.  I then did a couple things on the pages control: clicked the drop down and checked "loop playback" so it would keep running over and over (I just like to watch it play through ), and on "Show History" I selected "Trails".



          If this answer assists you, please mark as correct to help others find it faster! Thank you,

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            This worked great, thanks Claire.