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    Extract refresh issue on Server (connected to SAP Hana)

    ankita V



      I am facing a wierd issue. Suddenly today i saw that when I refreshed my extract on Server one of my metrics data(sum) became almost double(11Million) and also my number of records(sum) as 11Million but everything else on the chart was same except this one metric and my total records. and when I checked on my desktop using live connection just to verify the actual table count and records it was 6 million. i refreshed too still 6 million.

      I had created the extract as empty extract using now() and then changing it to now()+1 logic and publish and then refresh on the server to get data.

      also i tried creating the empty extract using parameter true or false logic too still same after refresh it is 11million.

      but again on desktop live connection it is 11million.


      I am using tableau 2018.1.4 version.

      I have refreshed earlier too but did not see this type of issue it is wierd.

      Not understanding how to address this.

      Have created so many datasources but all give me 11million under extract and when i published a live connection to server it was 6 million.

      the backed team says it is 6 million only so how do i justify.

      also i observed that only one year data has become 6 to 11 million in my extract while all other years data is same in both extract and live.

      please do help